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Box before treatment
Box during treatment
Box after treatment



Parchement deed and box

This parchment deed was comprised of two separate pages and an accompanying wax seal, housed in a wooden box. 

The housing for this document also required some repair in order to be handled safely, and to provide suitable storage for the document itself. 

Comprised of a wooden box structure, imitation leather covering and newsprint lining the box required a multi-stage treatment process.

Firstly, the degraded and already semi-detached box covering was able to be mechanically removed very carefully from the wooden structure in two whole pieces (top and bottom).

These were cleaned and then lined with a strong tissue and conservation adhesive to consolidate the fragile and flaking material. These two pieces were then able to be re-adhered back onto the box.

Due to the acidic nature of newsprint on ageing, it was decided that the lining would not provide a suitable surface on which the parchment could sit within the housing.


Therefore, a lining of transparent archival polyester was cut to for the inside dimensions of the box, providing a barrier between the parchment deed and the acidic newsprint without dramatically altering the aesthetics of the housing. 

Finally new hinges were devised for the box to enable safe opening and closing.

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