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Before Treatment
Large loss filling
Edge fills before toning
Edge fills before toning
Edge fills before toning



Parchement deed and box

This parchment deed was comprised of two separate pages and an accompanying wax seal, housed in a wooden box. 

On arrival the parchment was too stiff to open without forcing and damaging the document, which meant none of the text could be read. 

The two sheets were gently unrolled and wights placed at strategic points to help flattening. They were then lightly humidified within a chamber which allowed the material to relax and be unrolled. The sheets were then dried under tension to ensure the flat plane would be maintained.

Large losses in both sheets were infilled and toned with an imitation parchment paper which exhibits similar visual and structural properties to parchment itself, meaning that it would react in a similar way to this sensitive material and not incur further deformations.

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